Emergency Smartphone App


Vphone: Vphone™: Mobile communications solutions

Redefining Two-Way digital communication


Public Security bodies require maximum flexibility to their communication solutions and around-the-clock adaptability to ever-changing scenarios. As complexity and unpredictability rises, new challenges require reliable and trusted new solutions.

International summits, foreign state visits or global sport events daily defies law-enforcement and emergency agencies worldwide.

On those types of situations, local bodies are required to support the communication needs of their visiting counterparts, demanding very fast and secured deployment of critical mission infrastructure, anywhere, anytime.

The Vphone™ Smartphone App comes as the correct solution.

The Vphone™ is a highly innovative App that turns any Smartphone operating under Android  into a Two-Way digital radio.

Vphone™ emulates the functionality of PMR radio terminals on a 3G/4G and WiFi, keeping at all times the required security and privacy levels.