The Henares Hospital trust APD with the design and implementation of its 1st RFID Clinical Warehouse to improve the traceability of medical materials

Improving the traceability of medical equipment as well as correctly allocating costs to patients has become a daily challenge for many hospitals and clinics worldwide.

The advance of wireless technologies is allowing the Hospital to evolve towards an improved working environment called "Smart Hospital", allowing professionals to work in real time and paperless electronic format.

Being aware of this reality, APD r&d team has developed a series of wireless solutions for different national hospitals, including Smart RFID Cabinets, traceability software fully integrated with corporate ERP or robotic systems for the automated classification of medicines and printing of RFID and DataMatrix labels.

In this context, APD has recently implanted for the Henares Public Hospital in Madrid a new "Smart Warehouse" based on RFID technology that is already helping medical professionals to improve the control and management of their surgical equipment, particularly those with a higher cost.