March, 2019
APD supports the logistics processes of one of the most modern hospitals in Spain

Fraternidad Muprespa has entrusted APD with the supply and maintenance of a comprehensive next-generation medication dispensing solution for its new Paseo de la

November, 2018
Automated Dispensing Cabinets: more security and fewer dispensing errors at the Hospital La Fuenfría in Madrid.

APD has recently implemented in the Pharmacy Service of the Hospital “La Fuenfría” an advanced automated storage and dispensing system for narcotics and

April, 2018
The Henares Hospital trust APD with the design and implementation of its 1st RFID Clinical Warehouse to improve the traceability of medical materials

Improving the traceability of medical equipment as well as correctly allocating costs to patients has become a daily challenge for many hospitals and clinics worldwide.

The advance of

July, 2016
APD develops a new robotized system for the Hospital Pharmacy at the Hospital Clínico in Valencia

APD’s healthcare division has recently deployed with great success another project of Hospital Pharmacy Logistics, this time at the Hospital Clínico of Valencia, which, according to the Hospital,

February, 2016
APD develops an R&D project to improve the medication traceability in the SERGAS

APD has developed for the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) an innovative new system for the comprehensive traceability of the medicines in the University Hospitals of Ourense and A Coruña.


December, 2015
APD improves the Pharmacy systems of the Salamamanca Hospital

APD has recently succesfully installed and commisioned its AthosTM Temp Automatic Temperature Control System at the

November, 2015
APD in 60th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy

From the 10th to the 13th of November 2015, Valencia was the host to the 60th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy. The SEFH is a