Every day, a wide variety of hospitals and public healthcare organisms trust and rely on our solutions to reduce their medication costs, improve the management and control of stocks and enhance the services delivered to their patients.

Not in vain, citizens, administrative staff, medical professionals and managers of more than 65 hospitals already benefit from our technologically advanced solutions, both innovative and efficient.

APD contributes more than 25 years of total experience developing advanced IT solutions for the Healthcare sector. Our broad portfolio of products, solutions and services include automated dispensing systems, software for the hospital pharmacy or complex information systems for ICU´s.

In APD, we combine technology and know-how to develop solutions that helps the healthcare community to focus on what really matters: a better patient care.


Main Solutions


Athos™ Ucri >>
Critical Unit information System

Athos™ Mobit >>
Bedside Administration Systems

Athos™ Dosys >>
Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Athos™ Dosys RFID >>
RFID Cabinets

Athos™ Temp >>
Temperature Automatic Control System

Athos™ Pharma >>
Hospital Pharmacy Software

Athos™ Storage >>
Automatic Storage for medication



Some of our Customers and end User: