Deblistering & Packing System

sistema robotizado de reenvasado en dosis unitarias APD

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Jose Miguel García
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Deblistering & Packing System


robot unibot APD

The unit dose repackaging system allows the management of blisters, dragees, ampoules and vials.

uniBOT offers the hospital pharmacist a reliable and fast tool for the automation of the cutting process of all types of blisters and its repackaging on a unit dose format.


Basic components of the system

  • MIFARE Classic card reader for pharmacist identification
  • IR reader 1D/2D/RFID for drugs identification
  • Specific chargers for:
    • Tablet / pills
    • Ampoules / vials
    • Blister packs
  • 6-axis industrial robot with pneumatic handling
  • Cutting shear controlled by a linear motor for straight and oblique blister packs.
  • Packing configurable for blisters and ampoules/vials
  • 1D / 2D (Datamatrix) / RFID printer for the unidosis bags
  • Packing in cellophane and opaline bags..