June, 2019
APD´s Industrial Division gets the award to automate a new Desalination Plant in Djibouti.

APD has recently received the contract award for the design, integration and installation of the automation project of a Desalination plant currently under construction

March, 2018
APD integrates the new e-Call emergency System in the 112 Center of Andalusia

The "eCall" is a new mandatory emergency call system since 2018 all across the EU. It is a vehicle-based system capable of

February, 2018
APD implements the new communication system for the 112 Emergency Service Center of the Canary Islands

The  112  Emergency Service of the Government of the Canary Islands is the Emergency and Security Coordinating Center that provides uninterrupted service to all

January, 2018
APD renews the IT equipment of the Regional Health Management Service of Castilla y León

Castilla y León Healthcare , better known as “SACYL”, is the public service that manages public health services in the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla y

August, 2017
APD designs and manufactures the new interactive multimedia kiosks for IFEMA (Trade Fair Institution of Madrid)

The IT Division of APD has being recently awarded the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of more than 15 innovative kiosks at several strategic points

March, 2017
APD will provide the ITS systems for the "Libramiento Centenario de la Constitución de 1917" project in Mexico

The project, in charge of the “ICA” construction company, consists of the construction of 89 kilometers of highway with 2 toll points 54 major structures of hydraulic

March, 2016
APD supports the Andalusian Regional Government Department of Justice to modernize its Hearing Rooms

The Justice Administration every day faces complex difficulties and challenges, including the growing need to modernize its technological basis through ICT solutions oriented to digitizing and

October, 2015
APD contributes to educational development in Galicia implementing digital classrooms.

In recent years, thanks to the introduction of the Information and Communication technologies in the schools, newer and more powerful tools are enhancing the didactic experience. The Interactive

September, 2015
APD designs the new Self-sevice Kiosks for the Intelligent Management System of the IRS Spanish Department

The Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (IRS) requested to approve and deploy a self-service kiosk system, compatible with the Smart Waiting System (SIGE) denominated ATENEO, to manage

April, 2015
APD supplies the smart waiting management systems for the Social Security

The award of the tendering process to APD is the result of the convergence of multiple strengths like being the manufacturer of the right products specified by the customer, its design capacity