Automated Dispensing Cabinets

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Javier Puente
Key Account Manager

Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Tailored-made IT solutions for the Healthcare Community


Athos™ Dosys satisfies the necessity of Medical Institutions that wanted the security and availability provided by medicament automated dispensing systems without the details and additions that increase the cost and complexity.

Nursing staff can access patient medications anytime (even if there is no pharmacist on duty) protecting medicaments and supplies from unauthorized accesses.

Integrated bar code scanning process in the cabinets increases the reliability in the dispensing process.



Athos™ Dosys RFID Cabinets

Athos™ Dosys Dosys RFID represents the most effective solution for access control, stock management and real-time traceability of high cost sanitary/ medical products and materials under custody.

The RFID technology in the Athos™ DosysDosys Cabinet allows to obtain real-time information about the labelled contents, allowing hospitals and any private and public medical center to carry out a comprehensive monitoring and tracking of their medical devices, test samples, pharmaceutical and health products stocks.