APD integrates the new e-Call emergency System in the 112 Center of Andalusia

The "eCall" is a new mandatory emergency call system since 2018 all across the EU. It is a vehicle-based system capable of connecting to the most appropriate emergency response point without the intervention of the driver, in case of detection of a potential accident (automatically) or in case of manual activation by the occupants of the vehicle, through the mobile communication network.

The objective  of the eCall  is to provide quick help to people involved in a traffic accident. The system automatically dials the number 112 and transmits the exact location of the vehicle to the emergency centers, allowing to drastically reduce reaction  times.

The solution implemented by APD will thus help save lives and facilitate the integrated management of all eCall calls that enter the unique emergency number 112 of the Centers of the Junta de Andalusia. For this, APD together with the necessary hardware and software solution, will provide a web interface for seamless integration with the emergency management platform, currently in use. The APD system meets all the required European standards, with extensive references in Centers 112 in different countries in Europe and Spain.