APD develops an R&D project to improve the medication traceability in the SERGAS

APD has developed for the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) an innovative new system for the comprehensive traceability of the medicines in the University Hospitals of Ourense and A Coruña.

The system implemented by APD accomplishes the strategic objective of improving the medicaments traceability, enabling access to fundamental information, at any time, along the supply chain, such as the historical data, the location and path, lot, expiration date and/or serial number. This precise traceability is achieved through the automation of the 5 key processes of the drug circuit: reception, storage, packing, dispensing and administration.

By implementing RFID and Data Matrix technologies and the development of a specific software called SalfarCore, the hospital achieves an automatic and real-time control of the inventory in its warehouse as well as a comprehensive control over the expiry dates information. In addition, thanks to the automated preparation of the medication in the unidose format using the APD inBot robot, physicians can ensure a safe, efficient and economical use of the medicament, reducing all the associated hospital costs.