We implement a TETRA network and 4 new Control & Command Centers C4i in Venezuela

June, 2016

COBRA International has awarded to APD the development and implementation of a TETRA communications infrastructure and four new Control and Command Centers to be used by the National Security Forces and Civil Protection in Venezuela.

The supplied TETRA infrastructure is manufactured by Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH and consists of 82 base stations distributed nationwide serving to complement the coverage of the current communications network of the Government of Venezuela. As a complement to this infrastructure, 4500 new TETRA terminals were deployed, also from Hytera.

In addition, the four Control and Command centers under implementation are located in different geographical positions inside Venezuelan territory, offering a decentralized and distributed system which permits, in case of emergency, the assistance from the other Centers.

Besides the management and dispatch of the TETRA infrastructure deployed, the C4i serve as communications gateway between the current TETRA network and the new infrastructure.