November, 2018
Automated Dispensing Cabinets: more security and fewer dispensing errors at the Hospital La Fuenfría in Madrid.
APD has recently implemented in the Pharmacy Service of the Hospital “La Fuenfría” an advanced automated storage and dispensing system for narcotics and psychotropic drugs (or “ADD”) With this system the hospital will be able to carry out an...
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April, 2018
The Henares Hospital trust APD with the design and implementation of its 1st RFID Clinical Warehouse to improve the traceability of medical materials
Improving the traceability of medical equipment as well as correctly allocating costs to patients has become a daily challenge for many hospitals and clinics worldwide. The advance of wireless technologies is allowing the Hospital to evolve...
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March, 2018
APD integrates the new e-Call emergency System in the 112 Center of Andalusia
The "eCall" is a new mandatory emergency call system since 2018 all across the EU. It is a vehicle-based system capable of connecting to the most appropriate emergency response point without the intervention of the driver, in case of detection of a...
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February, 2018
APD implements the new communication system for the 112 Emergency Service Center of the Canary Islands
The  112  Emergency Service of the Government of the Canary Islands is the Emergency and Security Coordinating Center that provides uninterrupted service to all the 7 different islands, covering an area exceeding 7.000km2 and a population...
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January, 2018
APD renews the IT equipment of the Regional Health Management Service of Castilla y León
Castilla y León Healthcare , better known as “SACYL”, is the public service that manages public health services in the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla y León, belonging to the National Health System. Up to 8,000 state of the art new APD...
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August, 2017
APD designs and manufactures the new interactive multimedia kiosks for IFEMA (Trade Fair Institution of Madrid)
The IT Division of APD has being recently awarded the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of more than 15 innovative kiosks at several strategic points in the IFEMA pavilions which will help improve the information service offered to...
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