February, 2018
APD implements the new communication system for the 112 Emergency Service Center of the Canary Islands
The  112  Emergency Service of the Government of the Canary Islands is the Emergency and Security Coordinating Center that provides uninterrupted service to all the 7 different islands, covering an area exceeding 7.000km2 and a population...
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August, 2017
APD designs and manufactures the new interactive multimedia kiosks for IFEMA (Trade Fair Institution of Madrid)
The IT Division of APD has being recently awarded the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of more than 15 innovative kiosks at several strategic points in the IFEMA pavilions which will help improve the information service offered to...
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March, 2017
APD will provide the ITS systems for the "Libramiento Centenario de la Constitución de 1917" project in Mexico
The project, in charge of the “ICA” construction company, consists of the construction of 89 kilometers of highway with 2 toll points 54 major structures of hydraulic type, vehicular passage and junctions. It is envisaged that up to 10,000 vehicles...
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January, 2017
We developed the new GIS-AVL system for the security Department of the Association of Banks of Peru ("ASBANC")
APD has recently implemented a new fully optimized and customized GIS-AVL system for the Association of Banks of Peru ("ASBANC") for the functionality and operational requirements of the Bank Security Department "Águilas Negras" of the National...
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October, 2016
We update and extend the Command and Control Center of the Fuengirola Local Police
We have implemented a new Communications and Dispatch System that will permit a better and more efficient emergency management of the City of Fuengirola, one of most important touristic cites in south Spain. The Fuengirola Local Police already...
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July, 2016
APD develops a new robotized system for the Hospital Pharmacy at the Hospital Clínico in Valencia
APD’s healthcare division has recently deployed with great success another project of Hospital Pharmacy Logistics, this time at the Hospital Clínico of Valencia, which, according to the Hospital, will benefit more than 6.000 patients. The project...
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