APD supports the Andalusian Regional Government Department of Justice to modernize its Hearing Rooms

March, 2016

The Justice Administration every day faces complex difficulties and challenges, including the growing need to modernize its technological basis through ICT solutions oriented to digitizing and process automation. All with the aim of simplifying tasks and improve the security of the judicial processes.

The obsolescence of the technological capabilities of these rooms, suffering from high maintenance costs and the impossibility of incorporating the digital signature in the recordings of the hearings, triggered the need to upgrade and renew the equipment.

The extensive experience of APD in this field served us to quickly understand the needs of the customer, to advance the difficulties of the project and to propose the adequate technical and logistical solution for successfully driving the implementation of the new recording systems in more than 300 hearing rooms of the Andalusian Regional Government.

APD supplied, installed and set up all the hardware elements required for the correct recording of audio and video in the hearing rooms, including the central storage, fulfilling the maximum procedural guarantees.