APD supplies the smart waiting management systems for the Social Security

April, 2015

The award of the tendering process to APD is the result of the convergence of multiple strengths like being the manufacturer of the right products specified by the customer, its design capacity and adaptation to the specific needs required by the Social Security, the strong management of the supply chain and financial autonomy, what made possible the presentation of a highly competitive offer.

The customer service offices corresponding to the Social Security (INSS), Social Security Treasury (TGSS), the Navy Social Institute (ISM) and the rest of organisms attached to the IT Management of the Social Security (GISS) are equipped with a proprietary system to manage the queue waiting time

Until now, the installed solutions were based on obsolete proprietary hardware and software, suffering from service availability and high maintenance costs.

Moreover, the fact of being a proprietary solution makes it impossible any attempt to integrate the existing solutions with the new systems developed by the Social Security, per instance, the Scheduled Appointment System.