APD develops a new robotized system for the Hospital Pharmacy at the Hospital Clínico in Valencia

July, 2016

APD’s healthcare division has recently deployed with great success another project of Hospital Pharmacy Logistics, this time at the Hospital Clínico of Valencia, which, according to the Hospital, will benefit more than 6.000 patients.

The project involved equipping the new Hospital pharmacy unit with a sophisticated robotized storage and dispensing system for pharmaceutical products, after establishing and agreeing with the different teams of the Hospital the transition plans to avoid at every moment any stock breakage in the logistic chain.

As part of the project, APD has been responsible for the planning and commissioning of all the civil works needed to equip the new site with new and better resources. As a result of such actions, the Patients waiting rooms were enlarged, the location of the external patients unit was improved and the dispensing processes were streamlined, moreover, the waiting times were reduced through a modern queue management system.

However, the main improvement has been the implementation of an advanced robotized system allowing the Hospital