APD designs the new Self-sevice Kiosks for the Intelligent Management System of the IRS Spanish Department

September, 2015

The Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (IRS) requested to approve and deploy a self-service kiosk system, compatible with the Smart Waiting System (SIGE) denominated ATENEO, to manage the ticket ranking of the waiting queue process at the IRS offices.

The main requirements expressed by the AEAT in regards to the kiosk system, all other components included, focused on the compatibility with the universe of components of the existing ATENEO system, as well as on the high-availability needed to accomplish the very exigent level of service required, particularly during tax payment campaigns, across the country.

With these premises on mind, the AEAT looked for a company with enough technical and economic strengths to assure the project stability and viability, as well as the right level of service in all the states.
After studying the different options, the AET decided to choose the offer of APD as the best since it was the most competitive one.